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Why wood?

The comfort, the desire to elevate the quality of life and returning to naturalness represents main preoccupations for those who want a decent and healthy family way of living.
More and more people find an answer to these trends: wooden houses.
Of all materials used in constructions, wood is the only natural one.

A wooden house is a house that breathes. Wood absorbs and spreads humidity, this way regularizing the indoor environment; it also prevents rheumatic pain and breathing problems by stabilizing humidity and filtering and purifying air. The wood bioelectric natural field also balances the equilibrium inside the human body.

About us

SC MARITRANS SRL was founded in year 2002 and starting from 2003 has as primary activity: building wooden houses and lodges.

The company's running committee created an investing project during the 2001 PHARE program - the economic and social cohesion - assistance for small and medium companies. During this project equipments and tools were bought to achieve a modern technological line in the field of wood processing.

In the present day the company has the capacity to make diverse stratified and massive wood products at a high quality level. The company's existing working surface is 2200 sm and in the close future the surface will be larger with 650 sm. Another important feature is the 4 automated driers which guarantee wood drying.

Because of the serious way the contracts were treated and the construction's quality we achieved the export of wooden house in: Italy, Spain, Switzerland and France, with good perspective of expanding in other markets too.

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